Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions

We value our customers. Our team is ready to listen and help you with any problem or complaint you might need resolved. Your compliments or suggestions also encourage us to keep striving to serve you better. You are important to us:

So if you have a complaint, compliment or other feedback, please talk to us.

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To contact us

General enquiries:
Phone: 08 7001 1024

By writing to:
NFTG Customer Relations
GPO Box 2757 Adelaide SA 5001

Making a complaint

To help us deal with your complaint we recommend you:
o Gather any documents and other supporting information
o Keep detailed records of letters, names, times and dates relating to your complaint, and
o Let us know how you would like the complaint resolved

We will help you to resolve the complaint by:
o Acknowledging your complaint and making sure we understand the issue
o Do everything we can to fix the problem o Keep you informed of our progress o Keep a record of your complaint
o Provide a final response within 45 days
o We will inform you of any reason why we are unable to provide a final response to your complaint within 45 days.

To make a complaint:

  1. 1
    We encourage you to call our General Enquiries team on 08 7001 1024 as soon as possible so we can assist you. We aim to resolve your complaint at this step.
  2. 2
    If the complaint requires a more detailed investigation or is complex, your complaint may be referred to our Customer Manager for specialist assistance.
  3. 3
    If you are not happy with the response we provide, you may refer your complaint to external dispute resolution.External Dispute Resolution

If you are not happy with the response we provide, you may refer your complaint to external dispute resolution.

External Dispute Resolution

The Credit Ombudsman Service is a dispute resolution scheme that assists consumers to resolve complaints with their financial services providers.

The Credit Ombudsman Service provides an independent and impartial dispute resolution service as an alternative to legal proceedings for resolving complaints with members.

Financial Ombudsman

This service is free to consumers.

We have been a member of the Credit Ombudsman Service since 2003. Our membership number is 401050.

Please visit for more information about external dispute resolution.

Giving a compliment

If you have been happy with our team members service please let us know so we can recognize them on their service to you.

Making a suggestion

If you have a suggestion on any improvements about any products or services please let us know. We value your feedback